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Why Choose Rob Richwine to service your piano?

My mission is to make each of the pianos I service enjoyable to play.  A piano in tune is a joy!  If you enjoy the sound of your piano, you'll  play longer and more often.  The more you play, the better you are as a pianist.  I want to help you be the best you can be!

Not Just Tuning....I can Voice the hammers for a new sound, regulate the action to make it play well, adjust your pedals and do most repairs in your home.  In fact, I've made instructional videos for you to watch to explain some of the sevices I can provide.   

Call 213 458-2600 Now for an appointment!

Services Include:

• Single Tuning $135.

• Pitch Raising $40/every 40 cents flat-Double Tuning $175 and Triple Tuning is $215

• String Replacement $30/Treble $50 Bass and Tenor section

• Voicing $40

• Hammer Reshaping $30

• Action Regulation (Adjustment) *Price varies with need

• Sticky Keys Repaired $15 (uprights) $30 (Grands)

 • Cleaning $50 with tuning, $75 without.